Saturday, October 30, 2010

Relationship Coaching....Why is this So Important?

As a Life Coach I have been helping people get to where they need to be in all different areas, such as Career, Self Esteem Improvement, General Life Issues...However I have seen a rise where couples have been calling and they need help. This certainly doesn't mean there is a problem in the relationship, it simply may mean a couple may want to refocus and change direction simply because they want more from their relationship. We together work through this in such a simple calm matter and together we find a healthy plan which works. My simple assignments helps each person to be accountable for the next session. I am so proud to say I have many happier fulfilled couples who I can honestly say they are so happy we met as I know I am amazed of the strength humans have to make a difference. Love sure is a beautiful thing.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Passion & Positivity

I am finally back and now able to spend more time on such an important part of my Simple Life Coaching Business and that is blogging....when I first started this venture I had no idea how quick I was going to get my clients. I was more than thrilled. I named this Post Passion & Positivity only because...I know I have it...LOL . At first being overwhelmed slightly not realizing that my now clients were going to start calling almost immediately I had no choice but to put my blogging on hold and I needed to help them and give them my all....I am not complaining by any means I love and continue to love coaching. As they say when you love something it just happens and this happened for me...I now feel so blessed that I was able to help many move forward and have a more productive simple life. Together with Self Esteem , Passion & Positivity we can all accomplish what we are set out to do. That is my recipe for happiness! Due to the economy I have lowered my prices, there is just no reason why everyone can't get some help in these economic times! Your

Friend , Terri

Sunday, August 9, 2009

How Important is Self Esteem?

Clearly one of the most important elements one must have is Self Esteem . Although not always easy to accomplish. With the ups and downs in everyday life many of us go through both mentally and physically. We sometimes lose our Self Esteem without even realizing it and before you know it you are low down on the totem pole. My job as a Coach is to to build up your Self Esteem by bringing out your inner strengths without you even realizing it. ( We all have them just sometimes it takes someone or something to bring it out)
Generally speaking if there is No self esteem or low self esteem this usually shows no self respect and that is where we can find our self in trouble. Then our Self Worth comes in play and the list goes on. Some experts say Self Esteems starts at childhood as that may be true. During life's trials and tribulations one may finding certain relationships , job positions, come into play. Through some simple unique techniques this is where I find my strength to help you get to where you need to be. Just remember this is your life and you only go around once. So lets make it a good one!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Simple Coaching at it's Best!

Hello and Welcome to the Simple Life Coach.A Slightly different way of taking care of life's journeys ...With my unique and successful approach & rewarding goals we will work through obstacles with the positivity as nature intended.

Here you will find a compassionate, non-judgmental and honest coach who keeps her clients on track and accountable. Will put you in a direction which only moves forward . We together can over come many hurdles and help continue on climbing to the top reaching your goals and dreams you didn't know were possible.

We often feel overwhelmed by daily life.Our schedules are busy and filled with endless tasks to complete. We know we want change however we don't know where to begin. Take your time look over this web page call for a free consultation and we can see if we can work towards some goals which are rewarding and meaningful. If you don't try you many never know your true strengths and the possibilities are endless!